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Buy better. Spend smarter.'s artificial intelligence-powered software helps procurement teams, facilities managers and other purchasing professionals reduce the cost of their purchases by 5-10%.

The basic tenets of buying goods and services have not changed

Purchasing professionals use a standard process to manage strategic purchases.






But strategic purchases are only one piece of the puzzle

There is a whole spectrum of purchasing decisions. They are non-complex. They happen locally at the unit level. And they are too small to justify any exacting human involvement. However, collectively, they are large in number and make up a significant percentage of an organization's spend. helps you better manage the whole puzzle and drive down purchasing costs

Increase Total Quotes

Streamline Bidding Process

Automate Negotiation

Start buying better today!

Increase Total Quotes helps you find additional qualified suppliers for any good or service through automated search.


Creates scale: Complete mid-tier and low-tier buys properly, even with limited resources.


Saves time: Research and vet potential suppliers in minutes, not days.


Generates value: Adding one more bidder per event reduces costs between 3 and 7%, on average.

Streamline Bidding Process manages the RFx process for you.


Provides efficiency: Automated e-mails, text messages, question generation, etc. free up user time.

Creates consistency: Collect bids and interact with suppliers in a relevant, seamless manner.

Automate Negotiation ensures a complete negotiation process is followed for each purchase, resulting in lower costs with comparable or even more valuable results.


Uses best practices: Negotiating best practices are utilized when interacting with suppliers.

Generates value: Automated multi-round bidding further decreases event costs.

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