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Using AI to Save You Money

We help companies save money by applying artificial intelligence when purchasing goods and services.


Our platform leverages the most effective purchasing strategies and supports the application of these principles to all spend categories - driving average total cost savings between 5% and 10% while maintaining or enhancing quality.


We help organizations make faster, more informed and more cost-effective purchasing decisions. was built in partnership with major companies across industries.

Real world success

Global Hospitality Company found additional qualified bidders for thousands of purchasing events. Bids increased by 50%, driving costs down. Overall, identified a $20MM per year cost savings opportunity this organization​.

Leading Restaurant Operator

This organization didn't have the resources to dedicate to various non-strategic purchase categories. technology created scale and allowed the team to do more. Incremental cost savings for each event were between 5% and 10%.

Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

Using technology, this company quickly and easily sourced a significant number of additional, relevant vendors for purchasing events that spanned a variety of product and service categories. has unique origins

Created inside - a studio that creates high-performing AI software companies.


Pre-built AI building blocks in:
Machine Vision, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Data APIs.


Former executives of large global enterprises and a team of high performing data scientists and software engineers.


Over $70MM in capital from top institutions and venture firms, deployed to build new AI solutions for customers.